November 2023 | UPDATE

🎄We have opened 2 online stores to fundraise for Ukraine, Moldova and Israel. (USA & EUROPE ) (ROMANIA & EUROPE)


The makeup of our church is truly international, and so was our Thanksgiving meal: Nigerian Jollof rice, American apple crumble, Romanian sarmale, Korean beef dish, Colombian arepas, Moldovan cabbage salad, Basilian jello mosaic and of course, Romanian chicken-sized turkeys. 😀

We ate, we sang, we prayed… putting into practice what we are studying currently in Acts 2 “they…ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”


To answer the Hollywood movie title “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?” My friend might say… “Send him to Ukraine.”

Lena lost 2 guys in 10 days. She had to bury two of her close soldier friends. Here’s what she shares …

“I myself don’t know how to survive all this when so many are dying. So much pain, and so little joy. And there’s the parents of the victims, their wives, their children, their pain is ten times greater. …And I can’t find words of consolation. We just cry together and pray. War is so inhumane. Thank you for your support.”

Part of our current role is to be a listening ear alongside offering financial support for people on the frontlines.


Last year we helped Lena get a car in Ukraine. She’s been driving it to the frontlines weekly taking supplies to soldiers, and food and medication to people unable to evacuate dangerous areas.

A month ago, the storage space keeping her winter tires burned down. We helped her purchase new winter tires since it’s mandatory and winter came fast with its snowflakes.


✅ provide food supplies for about 30-40 families on a weekly basis here in Bucharest.

✅ In Ukraine we helped fix an army car

✅ We got a changing table for a baby born to a wounded soldier

✅ We sent birthday cake and food to Tatiana’s 2 daughters

✅ We visited 6 Moldovan families and helped with food

✅ We visited 7 Ukrainian families with great financial needs

✅ We provided medication to the families on the front lines that can’t escape.

✅ We helped a Moldovan with some medical expenses



If you would like to inform your prayers about Israel and from Israel stay connected with our friend Chaim.

When life is normal, Chaim runs a charity in Galilee helping refugees reintegrate in the community. Today, IDF Srg. Major Chaim Malespin is serving as elite unit for special missions like: finding tunnels, destroying tunnels, hostage rescue missions, underwater explosives and more.

A month ago Chaim was interviewed by Fox News, but he also brings daily video updates with Biblical insights from the frontlines where he serves in Gaza. Click here to support Chaim’s Ministry: Emergency Aid Initiative


At our church we started a Young Adults group that meets once a month at our house. It’s one age group that needs our support and investment as they don’t rely on parents anymore, but are pushed to be independent in a secular and immoral culture. A great mentoring opportunity.

Our youth group of teenagers keeps growing and now is meeting every Wednesday night.

🇷🇴 Beginning of November Bill and other men from our church had their fall retreat in the Romanian mountains. They do this twice a year.

You know it’s a spiritual warfare when there’s a men’s retreat and our house gets flooded in the middle of the night, and my husband is out of reach in the Romanian mountains.

🇷🇴 Once a month, we have a women’s event. In October we had the theme “Moving Forward” in our faith journey and we decorated fall pumpkins.

🇷🇴 We had two child dedications. One Japanese pastor dedicated his grandson Enoch at our church.

🇩🇪 IBC Convention Women’s Ministry Team

I have the joy and privilege to serve on the women’s team of our Convention. In October we had our face-to-face planning meeting in Stuttgart, Germany (hosted by one of our sister churches). We finalized details for our yearly women’s conference that will take place April 19-21, 2024 in Germany.

We were able to attend the Annual Convention Meeting as well. Always beneficial to meet with pastors dealing with the same fast turnover within our congregation. My husband really enjoyed great conversations with the President of the European Baptist Federation.

🇷🇴 Our church is praying for a new location.

Please spread the news to your local church and families. We are limited with parking and space due to growth. Great problem to have. We entrust it to God.

How do you put a great fire out? One bucket at a time… We pray for God to help us raise:

1,000 people giving €500 = €500,000

500 people giving €1,000 = €500,000

50 churches giving €10,000 = €500,000


Since July last year, a Ukrainian teacher, Anastasia, who is living at the center we help, has been paid a salary of 2,000 lei ($430) a month to teach 15 students. The kids go to a Romanian school 3.5 hours of they day and then have an additional few hours at Ukrainian school.

After January 2024 the organisation paying the teacher will no longer have the funds continue supporting the school. We are therefore looking for sponsors to cover Anastasia’s salary for a period of 3 months at a time.

2,000 Romanian lei = $433——- $433 X 3 = $1299 (for 3 months)

*Message from teacher Anastasia*

– “..For me, as a teacher, this work is important not only because it gives me money for living here alone as a refugee, but also gives me experience in communicating and teaching children of different ages. This school also gives parents the opportunity to work and while someone else takes care of their children, since Romanian school lasts only 3.5 hours – this wouldn’t be enough for parents to be able to work. Our school helps parents work full time and buy everything they need for themselves.”


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